Learn To Record And Mix

Our well equipped digital project studio is the eprfect place to learn recording and mixing from A-Z. Understand the physics of sound, learn the techniques used by the masters to create stunning recordings and mixes.

Cost: €160.
€80 payable at start of week one, €80 payable at start of week 4
Course runs for 8 consecutive weeks starting at 7PM precisely
Lesson duration is typically an hour, but I will try to make time for Q&A afterwards.
No refunds


The Science Of Audio

  • How we hear
  • Frequency, pitch, timbre, amplitude
  • Phase
  • Music theory overview – notes, scales, chords
  • The three dimensions of a mix – amplitude, pan and depth
  • Digital audio – bit rate, bit depth, Nyquist frequency and anti-aliasing


  • Signal paths and gain staging
  • Microphones – types, uses and placement
  • Recording voice, guitar amps, bass amps, drums, direct injection
  • MIDI recording

Effects and Plugins

  • Dynamics 
  • Modulation
  • Delay & Reverb
  • Distortion and amp/cabinet modellers
  • Pitch and time effects
  • FSU effects
  • Synths, samplers and ROMplers


  • Gain staging revisited
  • Starting point – different approaches.
  • Top down vs. bottom up
  • Bussing, sends, returns
  • Insert effects vs. bussed effects
  • Mix automation
  • Mixdown and stems
  • Mastering introduction