Mallow Project Recording Studio

Recording and mixing for singer/songwriters, duos etc.

Work with a recording engineer and songwriter who has 20+ years of experience. Take your tracks from concept to completed tracks ready to stream or print.

  • Powerful PC. Audio interface with up to 18 inputs on 1/4 inch, XLR, ADAT and sp/dif
  • €1000s of high-end software – recording software, effects libraries, synthesisers and sample libraries
  • Modest selection of microphones, amps, synths, guitars, percussion, electronic drums and drum machine.


  • i7 PC with SSD & HDD, 16Gb RAM, 3 screens
  • Behringer UMC 1820 (8 in on 1/4 inch or XLR, 8 out, sp/dif and ADAT in, MIDI
  • Nektar Impact LK88+ master MIDI keyboard
  • Joe Meek VC3 Preamp with optical compressor
  • Rare Joe Meek JM47 (original black model) condensor microphone
  • Rare Sennheiser MD-515 dynamic microphone
  • Tannoy Reveal passive monitors
  • Roland JV-1010 sound module
  • Yamaha DJX synth
  • Nektar Impact LX88+ 88 note semi weighted MIDI controller with drum pads and DAW control
  • Rare and retro Zoom Studio 1204 outboard multi-fx
  • Behringer MX2004A mixing desk
  • Fender Ultra Chorus amp
  • Marshall practice amp
  • Rare Japanese Fender Stratocaster (1992)
  • Epiphone SG
  • Encore bass
  • Acoustic, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo
  • Collection of percussion instruments
  • Alesis DM-5 electronic drum kit


Too much to list, but here are some highlights:

  • Cockos Reaper DAW
  • Large selection of Waves plugins
  • Soundtoys plugins
  • Hundreds of effects plugins
  • Many synths and romplers.


Rate is €25/hour for recording and mixing. Mixing sessions are private. If you need musicians for your backing track, we can quote you based on requirements. If you want a simpler backing track made with loops, synths and romplers, we can quote based on your requirements.

50% is payable before recording commences. Final mix and stems will be made available after final payment is received. Lower quality mp3s will be supplied for mix evaluation, these may have short bursts of silence and/or white noise.