Cork Project Recording Studio and Pro-audio Training.

Record your song or album. We can supply musicians to fill out the backing track.

Learn how to record, mix and master in a working studio with great gear and software.

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Recording and mixing for singer/songwiters and small acts.
We can help with backing tracks.

Well Appointed Studio
  • Powerful PC. Audio interface with up to 18 inputs on 1/4 inch, XLR, ADAT and sp/dif
  • €1000s of high-end software – recording software, effects libraries, synthesisers and sample libraries
  • Modest selection of microphones, amps, synths, guitars, percussion, electronic drums and drum machine.


Our process
  • We chat with you about your project, and based on that come up with a cost for recording, mixing, and any other services you may require.
  • 50% is payable up front, and final mixes will be handed over at the completion of the project, when outstanding balance has been paid.
  • During recording, everyone is expected to be on time with instruments and gear in  working condition, tuned, etc. Time spent sorting out tech issues with your gear will eat into your recording time.
  • When recording is done, a very quick reference mix will be prepared, and stakeholders/decision makers will give direction on the mix, as well as identifying reference songs to further guide the mix engineer.
  • The mix engineer works alone and will supply mixes in 192kbps mp3 format. Audio will be muted in places.
  • We allow two revisions on the mix. Any further revisions will command a fee. Mix revisions do not include re-tracking.
Backing Tracks

If you’re a singer songwriter with a guitar, and need a full pop/riock arrangement, we can help with theis. We can use loops, MIDI and other technologies to do a basic backing track, or can bring in a series of musicians to record them if needed.

Pro-audio Training

We have a carefully designed syllabus, but we’re happy to deviate from that to meet student needs.

Small Classes

No more than 4 students in a class, to ensure that everybody gets practical experience and 1-to-1 attention. Haing more than one to a class allows for collaborative learning, and brings the individual cost down

The full package

Learn the science of sound, studio hardware, recording techniques, how to mix, how to master, common problem resolution and much more.

learn by doing

We don’t tell you how. We show you how. We will have every student build a song from the ground up.

other services

guitar lessons

Learn To Play Guitar

With a mix of practical and theory, we’ll help you learn guitar. Build up a basic list of chords, and you’ll be playing songs in a week or two. 1-to-1 training. Adults only. €20/lesson including handouts and prepared homework.

jingles and songs

We Can Write Your Jingle

With a large band of session singers to choose from, we can write your jingle and lyrics, record and mix the jingle and supply it in broadcast-ready formats. You own all rights once the work has been paid for,